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The story of Jews in Europe is nothing if not complex, representing the highest and lowest points of human history: it is a story that includes both great cultural achievements such as the Enlightenment, as well as dark eras of genocide. Interestingly, for a people whose roots lie in the Middle East and for whom ‘Europe’ was often regarded as a place of exile, Jews became an integral part of European history and culture. Given the rich yet turbulent history of Jewish communities in Europe, the challenge of finding the appropriate language and tone to present the Route of European Jewish Heritage is certainly a formidable one.

The European Routes of Jewish Heritage (ERJH) is a platform that promotes developing tourism, cultural initiatives, and educational programs to European Jewish sites; acting as channels for intercultural dialogue; and promoting a better knowledge and understanding of Jewish and European history. 

ERJH works together with site operators in improving Jewish heritage routes via performing quality assurance; expanding business capacity at the local level; investing in infrastructure improvement; and creating a network of support amongst local site operators.

ERJH aims to collaborate with other European and international institutions that share a commitment to putting European Jewish heritage routes on the cultural tourism map. The platform will promote routes to individuals and groups of tourists, as well as institutions interested in having a meaningful Jewish experience while traveling in Europe.

The European Routes of Jewish Culture is a project of the AEPJ (European Association for the Promotion of Jewish Heritage), which operates under the umbrella of the Council of Europe and the European Institute of Cultural Routes.